Blue Heron

"Hunk of Junk", Rebuilt YT-1760



Armor 1
Hull Trauma [ 17 ]
Strain [ 14 ] (this includes the -1 from Turbines)
Shields (1) – Front (0) – rear

Silhouette 4
Capacity (70)
Hard Points of the Chassis 5
Speed 5 (this includes +1 from High Output Ion Turbines)
Handling +1


High Output Ion Turbine (1 Hard Point) = increase speed by 1 (to a max inherent of 5) and decreases strain by 1

Dorsal Turret Mounted Light Laser Canon DMG = 5, (critical on 3 advantage)
Forward Mounted Proton Torpedoes DMG = 8, Blast 6, Breach 6, Guided (2), Limited Ammo (3), Slow Firing (1), (critical on 2 advantage)
[3 torpedoes currently loaded]

Parts available:
Light Ion Cannon (In Storage, Uninstalled) DMG = 5 (strain), (critical on 4 advantage)


Scratch built from dozens of different ships. The pilot’s layout features a two-hand Tie-controller and the cockpit is setup in the matching physical layout, however all the controls are labelled in various languages. The co-pilot’s controls are made from a foundry lev-deck and are incapable of anything but rough maneuvering in atmosphere. There are many idiosyncricies about its manufacture. For example, the dorsal gun had a gunchair added even though a stock YT-1760 does not have one. The chair was added after Oabot saw the interior of a YT-1300 and thought it should be built to match since he wanted a viewport globe on the ventral surface. The gunchair was taken from a Gotal ship and has excessive headroom as a result. The viewport in the ventral surface is where Oabot likes to hang out.

Blue Heron

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