Star Wars: Balance of Power

Episode 5

Leto and Dagos both pursue private endeavors while the rest of the group head over to Mjenko’s base on Kisselina.

There they recover Mejenko’s body and carbon freeze it, to preserve the body for his wife, Milli.

While there Oabot finishes building their spy satellite. They upload a communication interception software to the satellite, which will capture UAFP messages, since they have encryption codes for his communications. They launch the satellite into space.

The group then flies back to Shp’eer and meet with Aquin Masud. Only Coor and Cal go speak with him. They had started off wanting to try and pick up a mission that Aquin had requested earlier, however they had already superseded that one and ended up being offered an opportunity to attack a pirate base. As part of the payment, they would get a proton torpedo launcher and be able to loot the base. After finally agreeing, Oabot attaches the torpedo launcher and the group heads out to the coordinates.

They quickly engage the pirate base. Cal fires one torpedo aimed at the docking ring around the asteroid base, destroying an assault gun boat and ripping apart the docking ring. As he wings around for another attack, a Tie Defender and 3 Tie Fighters launch from the base. Confirming to them that the Federal Protectorate (Lanmo Tet) are at least in league with the pirates.

A very heated space battle ensues. Coor damages the Tie Defender as Cal weaves in and out of the asteroids. Flipping around he fires a proton torpedo at him. The torpedo slams into the Tie Defender destroying it, but not before it launch a concussion missile at them. Cal dodges the Tie Fighters and the missile, but the missile tracks around an asteroid. Oabot tries, in vain to spoof the missile, but its targeting lock is too strong and the missile slams into the Blue Heron, seriously damaging the shield generators.

Without as much of a flinch, the Cal/Coor team manage to dispatch the 3 remaining Tie Fighters. The then head back to finish off the base. As Cal lines up his last Proton Torpedo, Coor makes short work of 3 Cloakshape fighters that joined the fray. All of the other ships escaped.

The Heron lands in the landing bay an begins looting crates of supplies. As they do, a small group of pirates happen upon them as they try to scuttle the base. Coor mans the new Heavy Repeating blaster that Oabot mounted to the ramp and makes quick work of 2 of them, while one of them runs to try and deactivate the atmospheric shield. Cal gets a drop on him, but ends up shooting a stun blast into a crate of Proton Torpedos, causing one of them to malfunction and explode. Both the last pirate and Cal were caught in the blast. Cal was knocked back, hurdled through boxes and knocked unconscious, while other pirate was killed.

Oabot and Coor quickly gave Cal medical treatment, enough to get him up. They then loaded guns and 6 tons of Niobyte onto the Heron. While they were loading the crates, Oabot tagged one with the Blue Heron symbol and Coor quickly planted an explosive device by the base reactor.

As they departed they blew the reactor and watched the base explode.

They headed back to Sph’eer, and met with Aquin to let him know they completed the mission and gave him the details about the Lanmo Tet they found. They then went back to the ship to heal and repair the ship.

Narrative - Coor Putters Around the Blue Heron and Goes Shopping

As the Blue Heron warped along to Orcus, Coor surveyed the haul from their latest bloody encounter. The bodies of the two abnormally large Lanmo Tet troopers were piled in one corner of the cargo hold across from the equally large repeater that filled another corner. He had plans for the blaster that would have to wait on further attention but the bodies, and more importantly the armor surrounding them, could be dealt with in the present. The suits had taken a fair amount of damage (his faithful so-called “light” repeater was not the most subtle weapon) but nothing he couldn’t work around. Separating the meat from the shell took some muscle, which took some time but was easy enough in the end. He sorted the pieces, tested the fit to see which were most suitable, and soon had a put together a set of armor that fit him well enough with a few pieces to spare. The helmet was a concern as it wasn’t designed for his muzzle. He had a plan for that too though, so he grabbed the pair of them and headed off to talk to Oabot. Coor found the Dug in his cabin as expected: digging through a pile of junk and spare parts, muttering to himself, lost in his mechanical schemes. A knock on the door jam caught his attention.

“Coor, you look at this. Hypersonic recombobulator,” The Dug waved a mass of wires and metal in his direction, a frenzied gleam in his eyes. “Recombobulation slow, so slow, but this faster. Big fast, much bobulations! You see now?”

“It would take the rest of the trip to Orcus for you to explain it to me Oabot. Maybe when we have a longer trip.” Oabot’s waving slowed and his eyes dimmed. “I have another problem I think you can help me with,” he said and produced the Lanmo Tet helmets.

“Ha ha heh ha. You so funny Coor. What problem you have?” Oabot dropped the device he had been working on, seemingly forgotten already, and scurried across the cabin. Even after all the time they’d spent together Coor was still amazed at how fast the little Dug could crab walk around. It seemed like a chaotic flailing of limbs but the speed and agility was impressive. Oabot grabbed one of the helmets with a…foot? Hand? Dug biology was confusing. “Look me like you solve problem already. See? No more Lanmo Tet head.” He upended the helmet and shook it for effect.

“True enough, that’s one problem solved. This is the one I’m working on now.” He put the other helmet on his head and pulled it down as far as it would go, halfway down his head until it hit against his muzzle. “The rest of it fits well enough but the helmet needs some help.” The helmet Oabot was holding fell to the floor and rolled to a stop next to the rehyperficationer while the Dug climbed up Coor like a tree. He grabbed the helmet and pulled down hard.

“You right. Big problem here.” Oabot grunted and pulled harder, swinging his whole body now, trying to make the helmet fit and drawing a yelp from Coor. He let go and poked at Coor’s face. “Maybe we trim this? Make it fit better. Need only cutter and spanner, they over here.” Oabot pushed off with his bottom feet, rocking Coor backwards, sending himself sailing across the room and into a pile of debris. He cackled as he rifled through the parts, sending the unwanted bits flying to ping off the hull. Coor had to step lively to dodge the missles while he pulled the helmet off.

“I have a different idea. What if we cut up the helmets instead of my face?” That caused the metal rain to stop and Oabot to reappear. “I think we could take the face mask off one helmet,” he said, tracing the proposed path along the helmet with a finger, “and use it to extend the other so it would fit better.” Oabot grabbed both helmets and juggled them between his hands while scratching his head and stroking his chin in thought. “These suits can be sealed tight for use in a vacuum, so the join would have to be solid. Think you can handle it?”

Oabot gave him a side eye for the ages. “Who you think you talk to? Some bantha poodoo sweeper? I make you best helmet you ever see. No smell get in to you big sniffy nose.” He snorted a few times for emphasis and raced off to dig in another pile, dragging the helmets along behind him.

“Never doubted you for a second,” Coor said and headed back to the cargo hold. They would be travelling to Orcus for a few more hours still and with some luck Oabot would be done by the time they arrived. Coor piled the Lanmo Tet bodies in a corner, stacked the armor next to them, and set his eye on the big repeater. It was larger than his but not so large that he couldn’t handle it with some effort. He found the release on the tripod and muscled the blaster off, grunting in appreciation at the weight of it. A few test sweeps told him that he could use it, barely, but he doubted the extra firepower would outweigh the lost maneuverability. He’d have to get used to the weight to be effective. A few hours of lifting, carrying, and running with the repeater wouldn’t be enough, but it would be a start. It would also be a fine way to kill time until they landed on Orcus.

“Alright, we’ll meet up there at midday. Be careful, there are eyes all over.” Cal stowed his commlink and turned back to face the crew. “Acif Ko is sending someone to lead us to his camp. We have approximately,” he said while checking his watch, “two hours until the rendezvous. Let’s split up until then so we draw less attention. Everyone keep a low profile until the meet. We know Aquin Masud has agents here. The less he knows about our movements the better, at least until we figure out what his angle is.”

The crew scattered and Coor set off to find some supplies. It seemed there were never enough credits to go around and they were short on most supplies as a result. They’d had a better than usual run lately though and Coor had some spending cash for a change, so he wandered through the central Orcus market to try and resupply as best possible. Stimpacks are common across the universe so he had no trouble finding them. He haggled for a while with a Twi’let set up in an alley trying to get a bulk discount, but the best he could do was get a promise that next time he would get a deal. With the amount of combat they’d been seeing lately he would have liked to get more but without a deal he settled for four. Hopefully that would carry him through until the next time they hit a market.

Next he found an old Corellian mercenary hawking military surplus. They bantered about the relative virtues of various makes of blasters while Coor looked through the wares. If he was going to use that monster blaster waiting in the cargo hold, and use it he would, he’d have to make sure his load was balanced properly so he could dodge incoming fire. He settled on a matching set of Imperial surplus: utility belt, combat webbing for grenades, and a pair of belt pouches for stimpacks. He wished the Corellian well and moved on to continue his search.

He found a Gamorrean “trader” with a suspiciously large pile of binders. Coor was skeptical of anyone who would need with so many restraints, but they were well constructed and the price was right. They snapped into place on his new belt easily as he headed across the market square towards a promising looking spread. The posture and attitude of the shopkeeper could belong to a former Imperial officer. Times were tough for everyone, so she made a token effort to hide her disdain for a non-human customer. Coor had endured worse. He found a commlink module that looked like it would slot into the helmet Oabot was working on. He hoped he did a better job of his emotions than the shopkeeper had when he spotted a laser sight that would fit the rails on his repeater. They bargained hard but Coor knew she was desperate. Worse, she knew that he knew. The sneer she gave him when she thanked him for his business was very satisfying.

Jawas were a surprising but welcome sight in the market. Their selection was impressive and Coor spent too much time examining their offerings. He coveted the set of armor seals and gaskets that would make his new suit stand up to even the vacuum of space, albeit for a short while, but his eye kept finding the military grade medpack on an adjacent table. They’d had a close call with the Lanmo Tet patrol where Leto had taken a nasty blaster shot. The Chiss had recovered but it had been close. Stimpacks could only do so much and were little help against the kind of wound that Leto had taken. They had no medic in the crew, but the medpack featured an extensive computer assistant that could walk them through common procedures Memories of his time with The Hound’s Tooth surfaced. Everyone knew it would serve them well to keep the squad medic happy, but Coor thought his bond with Ronto had been closer than most. He wasn’t the best nurse, but he’d pair attention when the medic had showed them some basic techniques and tried to lend a hand when he could. He’d shared a foxhole with Ronto when they were under siege on Viracon 6 when the blaster fire was so intense it lit the night up like day…

In a flash his recollections turned from pleasant to bitter as Coor remembered how his time with The Hound’s Tooth had ended. He flung down the scanner he’d been examining and spun on his heel, fists clenched and seething. When a Jawa came scurrying around to draw him back to their booth he nearly backhanded the creature in his rage but checked himself before the blow fell. It turned out to be an effective negotiating tactic. He bought the medpack and a backpack to carry it in for close enough to market price and the Jawa threw in a basic medical field guide as a show of good faith. Coor stowed his booty and checked his watch. Time had nearly gotten away from him, but he was lucky and his wanderings had taken him close to the rendezvous point. He spotted Cal Auda slouched against a speeder, trying to look inconspicuous, and jogged off the meet up with the crew.

Episode 4

(Our first virtual session)

The crew of the Blue Heron have 4 Ryn passengers. After iterrogating them they decide to drop of Parn on the Tycon Mining Facility and let Aquin know they dropped off his spy.

Oabot then contacts the teams old friend Acif Ko. He’s been fighting the Ryn slave trade longer than they have, and he’s set up a Ryn town on one of the outskirt islands on . Orcus.

They meet up with Acif and drop off the Ryn that they had, including the assassin. Acif tells them that they have encounter other Ryn that have somehow been conditioned in the same manner. The crew explain the destroyed chair they found and the pieces they retrieved from it. No one is really sure if this is what is conditioning these assassins.

After leaving the Ryn town, they chat with Aquin who tells them that he the leader of Protectorate of Ya La was attacked by these Ryn assassins.

Meanwhile Oabot has a plan to help them figure out who the pirates are and where they are based. They go back to the automated mining ship and steal the communication/radar dish off of the station. Oabot is trying to build a satellite they can use to intercept and decrypt pirate communications or the instruction sets to the automated mining facility.

Narrative - Leto Goes Shopping

The Blue Heron floats effortlessly over the scorched hostile surface of Kessilina. The crew has secured two Rynn prisoners: a hostage named “Parn” who claims to be a spy on behalf of Aquinn Massoud, trying to expose a slave-running operation within the Rynnish refuge itself; and a dazed, speechless Rynn who attacked them as they tried to leave the refugee outpost. Tempers flared about what to do with the prisoners, where and how to interrogate them, but after no one reached a conclusion, they all retired to their bunks for a few hours to cool off after the encounter.

Leto pulled out his datapad, and sent a priority message to Xago, his acquaintance in Customs at Tycon. He knew already that the Rodian was dead, likely killed by the Lanmo Tet for leaking details of their asteroid miner. Still, he had to be sure, so he sent an innocuous message sharing a new top-shelf whiskey review. It bounced back immediately.

With a sigh, he walked around his cabin, stretching his weary muscles. He took a hard hit on the ground at Kessilina, blasted into oblivion, and closer to death than he’d ever been before. He opened another tab on his holonet browser, and started scanning Tycon shops specializing in armor. He needed something more, something different than these suits he was used to wearing, if he was going to be seeing as much combat as he’d gotten into with this crew.

Swiping through clothing sets, he came across a model that caught his attention. Matte black armor plates were stitched into a navy blue trench coat. It protected his arms, shoulders, chest, and back. The lapel popped high, he could see that it had a light, pale blue stitching and stark white piping and accents. Underneath was a tunic with more armor protecting the chest, and matching pants and heavy black leather boots. The whole picture came together to cut a figure both functional and elegant. The hard plates and fashionable fabrics struck a perfect balance between aggression and reserve, perfect for the Chiss. He looked at the price. 1,000 Credits. He whistled to himself. That was a fortune, more than he’d ever spend on himself before. He made a mental note of the shop, Persephone’s Clothier, and bookmarked the page.

Next, he turned to the blaster rifle he’d taken from one of the stormtroopers on Kessilina. Truly, they’d taken them all, but the rest were thrown hastily into a crate to be fenced later. They’d thought of selling it to the Rynn, but almost certainly not now.

With the rifle field stripped in front of him, he again pulled out the datapad and started browsing. He quickly found Kort’al’s Armory on Tycon, which featured a variety of weapons and attachments for sale. He’d never heard of it, but it was next door to The Autopilot, so it was probably reputable. The rest of the guys loved that place. He started drawing schematic of the gun with what he found.

A Czerka H9 Pistol Grip would fit beautifully in his hand, and allow him to fire the rifle with the same muscle memory and skill he’d been training for his light pistol. A forearm grip would give him a good handle if another person charges him with a vibrosword, and the telescopic optical sight would help him pin down enemies at long range, far better than what his little pistol could do. Finally, he saw a simple black webbed strap that could hold the rifle, and he could wear between the layers of that beautiful black-and-blue overcoat, allowing it to swing at the ready, but modestly obscured. He looked at it for a minute, then redrew it with a few chrome accents around the stock and sight. He got up from the desk, and took his hastily drawn schematic to Oabot’s quarters.

Knock Knock.

“Hey, Oabot, what do you think you could do with this?”

Episode 3

Oabot received a distress call from his friend on Kisselina. The group decided to pull double duty and took crated of carbon frozen food to a settlement on Kisselina for the Brotherhood Cooperative (Chro Vonne)

They first went to check the crash site from the Holonews ( Edition 100), where Oabot’s friend had called from. They find Federal Protectorate troops (aka Lanmo Tet) and destroy their transport. A fire fight ensues, in which Leto is wounded, but Coor manages to kill all the others with relative ease. Coor manages to get his hands on a tripod mounted heavy repeating blaster (which the troops had used to attack the Heron).

In a last ditch effort a few troops attempted to attach an explosive to the Heron’s hull. With quick thinking (and incredible luck/skill), Oabot managed to short out the device my electrify the hull where the bomb was planted.

The group entered the crashed CR90 and found some sort of medical chair that had been destroyed, and what looked like locations where other chairs has been removed. They also found Oabot’s friend, dead from a blaster bolt to the head.

The group looted what they could and headed to the settlement to drop off the food.

Arriving at the settlement, they were given a tour, which Oabot managed to slip away from. He met up with a Ryn who locked him into the food processing area. Here he noticed that there were unconscious Ryn buried under the food. Taking one of the containers he tried to escape. Cal and Leto came to spring him out of the processing area. They were then confronted by two Ryn assassins. They managed to defeat them and took off after meeting up with the Ryn Oabot has talked to. He was Parn Duldor, a spy for Aquin Masud. Aquin was attempting to find a link between the Brotherhood and the Lanmo Tet, but all he found out was that the Brotherhood was shipping Ryn slaves.

The group managed to free the two Ryn slaves, capture a Ryn assassin who attacked Coor, and rescue the spy. They took off and headed into space to decide what to do next.

Episode 2

The episode begins, with the Blue Heron (piloted by Cal Auda) weaving between, around and through asteroids. Cal makes it look entirely too easy. They were contracted by the United Alliance for People to transport Cesium to Sph’eer, as pirates have brought almost all exports from Tycon Mining Zone to a halt.

As they come over a rather large asteroid, four cloakshape fighters engage them from hidden locations. The crew of the Heron was ready for this. Dagos spins the turret around to bring the cloakshape fighters into the crosshairs of the quad laser canons. Meanwhile Coor in the co-pilot seat (if you could call the hobbled together chair a seat) mans the forward Ion canon. Between the both of them, and the expert flying of Cal, they manage to defeat the pirates. Not before the fighters did some damage to the Heron though, which held together in part to the ingenious Oabot Yu’Deb.

The Heron settled down within the United Alliance for People spaceport. They delivered their cargo and were invited to speak with Aquin Masud, the leader of the United Alliance for People. Cal, Battal’et’Orm (Leto), Coor and Dago went to go meet Aquin while Oabot, stayed behind to repair the ship.

Aquin, was impressed by the speed of their trip, and very thankful. He offered the group more work against the pirates if they wanted. They thanked Aquin but decided to go investigate the lead Leto had purchased.

The Heron was back up in the air quickly, as Cal plotted a course to the location Leto had been given. In the meantime everyone was checking their personal communications.

Once again, Cal whizzed through the asteroids with ease. Into view came the automated mining facility, ripe for the picking. The Heron docked and everyone but Cal went over to the ship. Leto powered on the main computer on the bridge, and noticed that the automated systems immediately tried to make a connection to another system. Leto quickly shut it down, but not quickly enough. Within 20 minutes, while the crew of the Heron investigated, and transferred some Niobyte they found in the hold to the Heron, four Tie Fighters appeared (since the Lanmo Tet aka Federal Protectorate are the only ones with Imperial Tech it had to be them). Cal yelled for everyone to get on board. The Tie Fighters strafed the stationary Heron, damaging it severely. As soon as everyone was on board, Cal punched it. Initially these fighters seemed very professional, working in concert with each other. However, they were no match for Cal’s flying combined with Dago’s shooting skills. They bugged out before reinforcements came.

Flying back to Sph’eer, they made good on a repair offer from Aquin. So while Oabot worked with the Jawa engineers, Coor went to go talk to a contact of his about a job opportunity. He was asked to take a data spike to a communications relay in northern UAFP territory. that priates may be relaying data through this facility.

Oabot manages to wrangle up a landspeeder, that they all cram into and head to the relay. The relay is nothing special, very quiet. They pose as technicians and gain entry, as well as gain the assistance of the two tech there. Oabot uses the data spike while the others continue to investigate the relay. On the roof they discover a pair of old battle droids and a bomb attached to the relay tower. Coor turns the battle droids into scrap metal incredibly fast. However as soon as the droids are destroyed, the bomb begins to flash. The entire group exits safely, with the intact dataspike, before it explodes.

After interrogating the tech from the building and returning them back to town, they head back to their ship, where they find Coor’s contact decapitated. They investigate the dataspike and find the only useful data is that Aquin will be constructing a new Space Port, in a business deal with Gero the Hutt. The also find that their contact with the UAFP has changed and that Aquin wants to meet with them.

Episode 1
The Legend Begins

The episode opens up with Cal Auda, piloting the Blue Heron as it follows a know slave ship transporting Ryn Slaves to an unknown location.

With Leto manning the laser turret and Oabot Yu’Deb keeping the ship running, they follow the slave transport into the asteroid field.

Cal expertly navigates around the asteroids, keeping the slave transport in view while maintaining enough distance so that the other ship doesn’t spot them.

As the slave ship comes to its destination and starts to land, it is attacked by a two pairs Cloak-shape fighters. Worried about the slaves Cal punches the engines up to max and flies in and quickly disables one of the starfighters with the Heron’s forward Ion cannon. Leto manages to destroy one of the other fighters, and the pirates quickly escape having not expected such resistance.

In the meantime the other fighters had managed to ion blast the transport which careened away from the landing pad, crashing into the side if the asteroid base.

Cal backed the Heron up to the slave transport while Oabot and Leto boarded. In the disarray from the malfunctioning ship they managed to save all of the slaves, while spacing the crew of the slave transport. They flew these rescued Ryn slaves to Sph’eer and droped them off at the Brotherhood Cooperative’s refugee camp. Neecr Valun a representative for Chro Vonne, met them and thanked them. They provided the crew with food, fuel and a few credits for their help.

While taken it easy in the the Brotherhood’s territory, they read the latest Holonet news ( Edition 100) and checked their personal communications. They decided as a group to investigate some job opportunities. They flew to the Tycon mining facility to get more information.

Cal and Oabot, went to the the Auto Pilot, (Cal’s favorite bar) to meet Nathom (a representative for Aquin Masud, who had heard of his dare devil flying for the Hutts, and wanted to hire him to transport needed cargo from Tycon to Sph’eer. The pirates in the area have been capturing or destroying all exports and The United Alliance for People need a batch of Cesium to power their mining and construction machines. After Oabot causes a ruckus at the bar, Cal and Nathom agree on a fee of 700 credits and 20% off of a hyperdrive as payment.

Meanwhile, Leto meets with a friend of his, Tycon customs agent Xzago, who sells Leto some information about a derelict ship he could possible scavenge.

The three meet back up at the ship after collecting their other comrades, Dagos and Coor and pick up the Cesium. They climb aboard and head off back to Sph’eer through the asteroid field. At the same time Leto contacted a shipper he trusted who could flyby the coordinates he had purchased to check out the derelict ship.

Narrative - Cal Auda

As the landing ramp lowered and the engines finally cycled down to a dull hum Cal stretches his neck.
“These freight runs are getting tougher and tougher all the time.”
Piracy seemed to be on the rise and it took all his skill to navigate through an asteroid field and fight a gravity well to make it to Tycon intact.
And for what? Scale?
He was almost on the point of being disgusted. Not really because of the run. That was rather fun. Although he had no weapons the performance of the YT-2400 was pretty impressive. In his day, he had flown some of the most manoeuvrable fighters in the galaxy, yet this time he felt a thrill being able to push the ship and himself to the limit. It was exhilarating.
No, his disgust came from the fact that at the rate he was earning money, he’d never own or even fly such a responsive machine again. He’d be lucky if he could afford an offal freighter.
Making his way down the ramp Cal grabs his kit and heads across the flight deck to the commerce concourse beyond.

From behind him a thunderously deep voice calls out. “Cal! Cal Auda! Where’ve you been lad? I’ve haven’t seen you in over two months”

Cal stops in his tracks and rolls his eyes. Turning around he stands face to face with a grizzled old chevin.

“Well, Fon Hoda. I should have known you’d smell me out sooner or later”

Fon Hoda was one of the first contacts Cal made when he arrived in the sector 10 years ago. He acts as a middleman for nefarious business dealing that often transpire on Tycon. When someone needs something moved or done, Fon Hoda will ferret out talent that can do it. All while earning a healthy finders fee. His type is a common sight out here in the mid rim. Ambitious players with delusions of empire building, not ruthless enough to become warlords, but devious enough to be endless trouble.

As Fon Hoda opens his mouth to speak, Cal interrupts with a perfunctory, “Not interested.” and turns to walk away.

“Why Cal, is that anyway to talk to an old friend? It’s disheartening. You keep avoiding me. And here all I want to do is make you money.”

Cal stops and turns back, “Hoda, first of all, you’re a liar. Second, you only ever want to make money for yourself. And third, I don’t traffic slaves!”
“Oh still that again.”
“Yes, still that again”
“But the fee, Cal.” he say plaintively, “Do you know what the Lanmo Tet pay for slaves on Sp’heer? It’s embarrassing.”
“Yeah, good thing I check my freight before every run.”
Fon Hoda laughs and smacks the pilot on the back, “You’re the best, boy, and I needed the best. It’s not like it was in the old days, some of these local types like to look legitimate in case the Alliance finds the time to pay attention.”

“I said it to you before, simple jobs, low profile. Fly in and fly out, thats it. I move stuff, Hoda, and people aren’t stuff!” Cal states as he makes his best speed towards the nearest bar.

“But this ones different Cal” the chevin scurries to catch up as Cal walks away, “no live cargo.”

The Autopilot is a favor drink spot for Tycon pilots. Although it isn’t exclusive, it is a place where they can relax they way they like and where they can do business the way they like. Cal visits it less than most pilots but today seemed like a good day to get drunk. He enters and, making his way through the crowd, eases up to the bar with Fon Hoda in tow. Taking the recently earned credits from his pocket Cal orders a drink.

“Aren’t there any bars on this station that don’t serve people like you?”

“Huh, you mean chevins?”

“I mean nuisances.”

“At least hear me out Cal. I got word that Garo the Hutt ‘acquired’ a lot of rare Asquith wine. Three hundred barrels. Very pricey stuff. He is looking for a jock to take it from the Penemunda spaceport on Sp’heer to Orcus. Handsome commission.”
As Cal sips his drink, Hoda moves up closer and whispers “Now I know his quartermaster on Sp’heer, real lazy, just counts containers, never weight. So suppose you were to take the job. And suppose you were to stop enroute and dock with a certain slow, but roomy freighter about two light days out. And suppose the freighter captain just happened to skimmed off 10% of each barrel…”
“And suppose you just stop talking now. Listen to me close Hoda. Not interested! No Hutts! No skimming! NO SLAVES!”
The bar becomes instantly quiet as all attention is focused on Cal. He downs his drink and slams the glass on the bar. Taking a moment to look around, he steadies himself and makes his way to the door.

Caught off guard by the outburst and with too many eyes on him, Hoda stammers “Uhh, right, down with them all I say.”

Cal makes a speedy exit out the front and vanish from sight of the flustered chevin. But not entirely from the mind of another patron. A solitary figure nursing his drink in the corner ponders the pilots final words.

“No slaves”

After a moments contemplation, he gets up to leave and thinks, “Yes, I get a good feeling from that one. He could be just the person I’ve been looking for.”


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