It is 35 years after the destruction of the second DEATH STAR. The RESISTANCE and the FIRST ORDER continued to wage a war of attrition.

In a far corner of the galaxy known as the RUIZ SECTOR, another war is raging. On the planet SPH’EER, four warlords vie for control of the resources and people, their true motives unknown. There is political in-fighting and intrigue on the water planet of ORCUS. On the TYCON mining space station, orbiting with the rings of a planet with the same name, business acumen is the weapon of choice, as deals for everything and anything are the battles that take place. Lastly, the battle is just to survive in the harsh environment of KISSELINA.

In the middle of all of this is a group of misfits, who realize things are not right in the RUIZ SECTOR. These would-be heroes, flying in the “hunk of junk” rebuilt YT-1760 known as the BLUE HERON, embark on an adventure to change the sector, each for their own reasons.

Star Wars: Balance of Power

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